Case Type:ATX mid Tower
Support:Mini-ITX,Micro ATX / ATX / E-ATX                                                                           
Front port:2X1.1+1X3.0USB, with HD AUDIO                                    
CD-ROM(5.25") space:0
H.D.D(3.5") space:2(2*tooless)
S.S.D(2.5") space:2(1 SSD+1 storage device)
A rear fan:1X12(optional)
A side Panel:Slide glass panel with 2 screws   at rear.                                                 
A front fan:3X12 / 14cm(optional)
A top fan:2X12 / 14cm(optional)
A rear Water cooled:120(optional)
A front Water cooled:240 / 280 / 360(optional)
 A top Water cooled: 240 / 280 (optional)
Cpu Height :160mm
Vga Length :330mm 
Psu Length :  140-180mm
Structure Size: 360x212x470mm
Carton Size: 540X282X430mm,EPS+K=A 
 40HQ:1000 sets
 Material : SPCC