Powercase was founded in 2007, the factory was established in Shenzhen in 2007-2016, and has been relocated to Guangzhou since 2016. Is a professional computer chassis, computer power supply manufacturers. All products are their own private mold. Its products are divided into two categories: Office chassis and game chassis. After years of development, due to the more comprehensive product line and professionalism of Powercase office system chassis, its products are: standard ATX, MICRO with EMI, Slim micro, SFF case,mini ITX, mini PC), because of its comprehensive products, professional, high quality, so it has a good reputation in the field of system business customers, in which system business customers are distributed in Korea, Russia, Europe and other countries. At the same time, the game chassis in 2015 continued development, from entry-level games, to high-end, to personalized, there are currently dozens of styles, in the market has also had a certain number of professional customers. At the same time, in 2015,         Powercase  set up a team to set up a 3D printer factory, with a product line covering mini 3D printers, desktop 3D printers, and industrial large size printers. Among them, the mini 3D printer is the smallest in the world, as well as the fastest printing speed 3D printer, with a number of its own R & D patents.

Powercase has a professional design team and engineering team, sales and after-sales team, can support OEM,ODM. Welcome to visit our factory at any time! Your arrival is our happiest thing!!